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“Millenium 2000″ filmed in 1993 – Anthony J. Hilder + Jordan Maxwell + Terry Cook


Published on 2 Apr 2013

Pioneers of Illuminati research get together to discuss the coming changes in the world. If you are not familiar with these people, they have decades of research under their belt and should be heard. Anyone who truly studies politics, history, and spirituality WITH AN OPEN MIND can only come to one conclusion: Our world is controlled by “Luciferians” (Worshippers of Lucifer) who have had a plan for millennium to form a “New World Order”. We are now at a point where the formation of this New World Order is almost complete. Do not assume that our “Leaders” use the name Lucifer lightly… they really DO BELIEVE IN AND WORSHIP THE FALLEN ANGEL OF THE BIBLE LUCIFER / SATAN.

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