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Mike Hoggard on the attack against The King James Bible :: Pastor Mike Online 12-13-2012 please reblog /make your own posting on the KJV if you value the KJV Bible 1611


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What's the Big Deal About the KJV Bible?

33 comments on “Mike Hoggard on the attack against The King James Bible :: Pastor Mike Online 12-13-2012 please reblog /make your own posting on the KJV if you value the KJV Bible 1611

  1. nissa_loves_cats
    July 28, 2015

    Where in the Bible does it say King James 1611 Bible only? Why should translations be made from the King James rather than from manuscripts in the original languages? And why do you disallow my comment and then comment 3 times on my blog?


    • spookchristian
      July 28, 2015

      Your question is ridiculous.!
      The King James Bible was translated from the best and oldest manuscripts.
      NO-ONE has ‘ Original ‘ Manuscripts.

      The catholic NIV uses corrupted Alexandrian texts.
      see link to chart below please.

      if you are going to have a discussion with me, please at least make an effort to make sure that, you know what your talking about.
      I really don’t wish to be rude, but I am a bit bored, with #Catholics expressing the utmost rubbish that I have ever heard.

      I genuinely do not remember disallowing your comment..please remind me of what you said.

      The King James Bible, has always been the one Bible, that the roman catholic so called church has always hated, and have murdered 100’s of thousands of people to stop people gaining access to it, and to stop it from getting in the hands of the public.

      For catholics to say, that they gave the world the Bible is utterly ridiculous. !!

      The catholic so called church do not even adhere to it’s teachings, but rather teach contrary to it.


    • spookchristian
      July 28, 2015


    • spookchristian
      July 28, 2015

      The KJV was translated from the original languages, Hb/Gk,and your question regarding where it say’s KJV only, please try to ask more sensible question’s.
      King James did not exist at the time of the New Testament.


  2. nissa_loves_cats
    July 25, 2015

    I am a Catholic and use a complete KJV (with Deuterocanonical books) for the beauty of the language. However, no translation is as good as using the best of the manuscripts in the original languages of the Bible.


    • spookchristian
      July 30, 2015

      The Deutero-canonical books, are not necessary to use,{ I have them my self, and have read them },
      and they were not used or referred to by the Apostles, or Jesus Christ.
      Having read them, I realised that they do not belong in the Scripture’s/Bible.
      I have also read quite a few articles regarding the canonicity of the Apocryphal writings,and they do not belong.

      You #Catholics are too quick to latch onto any old drivel, in order to keep hold of your false teachings, of Purgatory={ None-Existent place }, and you Idolatry/Mariolatry/transubstantiation.
      Those doctrines are not found in the Biblical text, and should not therefore, be practiced.!!

      One has only to swallow one’s pride a little bit, in order to realize the truth, that ALL Scriptures is Sanctified of God { God Breathed }, and that, these so called tradition’s of yours i.e. catholic dogmas are a #Lies of #satan.!!
      #Repent get #Saved leave that #Whore of #Babylon, { Rev 17 } the roman catholic so called church.


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  4. thenakedtruth2
    September 16, 2014

    Years ago I read in some catholic publication that the KJV was on their index of forbidden books. Can’t remember where.

    Probably has more to do with the preface which excoriates ‘papish people’ specifically they with pointy hats.

    But above that, the word of God itself is its own defender, and will continually be attacked from all fronts. The greatest offenders are they who walk around with bibles.

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    • spookchristian
      September 16, 2014

      well, I am guilty of walking around with a bible.. a small Gideon KJV, which are hard to get hold of.
      .I don’t wallop anyone with it though.. even if they have a pointy hat..

      thank you for commenting..

      the catholics would hardly write/translate a book that condemned


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  9. spookchristian
    February 3, 2014


  10. spookchristian
    February 3, 2014

    it is possible to get a KJV translated into your own language…
    I wouldn’t expect your Hindi speaking friend to learn is not about language, it is about
    whether words are missing from bibles or not, ot in the case of the NIV.. 200….
    that is essentially the point…


  11. spookchristian
    February 3, 2014


    I have no problem with a person reading the bible in their own language..not at all,,
    you are missing the point,,

    a person can get a KJV in their own language, or get an NIV in their own language..
    both the NIV and the NKJV are corrupted versions..

    The KJV {1611} does not use the corrupt line of manuscripts,, i.e. the line of manuscripts that come from alexandria, ..sinaiticus / vaticanus..

    the NIV is essentially a
    roman catholic bible { so -called }

    the KJV uses the textus-receptus line of manuscripts that originate in Antioch..

    I do not make an idol of my bible at all, but,
    thank you for the snotty comment though. :D

    It illustrates to me the depth of your ignorance,,i had a look at your blog, and I get the impression that you are a roman catholic..??
    Is that the case??


  12. papapound
    January 31, 2014
    • spookchristian
      February 1, 2014

      It is because of Tyndale and others that we got the KJV.


      • papapound
        February 1, 2014

        Yes, Tyndale was an early reformer among many.


    • spookchristian
      February 1, 2014

      I havent studied how Tyndale did anything really..
      i stick to the KJV, i have a description of how that was translated..
      can u send any useful links please…


      • papapound
        February 1, 2014

        I will include a link to a short history below. Tyndale translated to english in the 1500s before King James came to power. Catholics and Anglicans did not like him. I understand catholics but not sure what he did to rile Anglicans.

        I have a friend who reads the Geneva Bible every day. Geneva is also an older translation of the Bible that KJV. In fact, it is old English, not modern with different characters than we have today.

        I grew up on the KJV and it is good, just some archaic words that we don’t use today. What I finally realized is that those archaic words were more common in 1611 but not used so much today. So it actually helps to have the Hebrew and Greek put into english words that are more relevant.

        The KJV and the NKJV were both translated from Hebrew and Greek using the Textus Receptus set of manuscripts. Since that collection of manuscripts was made, archeology has discovered thousands more manuscripts which help even more rigorously get back to the original words. I am rusty on the facts now because this is not a topic I read on every day.

        Blessings on you — have a great day in Jesus our Savior.


      • spookchristian
        February 1, 2014

        thank you for your comments papapound..

        I cannot agree though that the NKJV is a good translation,,It is what I refer to as an ‘ unhelled ‘ bible..there are other errors with it also..

        Gail Riplinger, has done a good write up on it on a leaflet..I have it on my blog somewhere..

        Thank you for the link also.. I definitely appreciate that..


      • papapound
        February 2, 2014

        I am curious why you mentioned Gail Riplinger?


      • spookchristian
        February 2, 2014

        Gail Riplinger has done an excellent leaflet on the NKJV
        The NKJV is a corrupted version.


      • spookchristian
        February 3, 2014
      • spookchristian
        February 3, 2014
      • spookchristian
        February 4, 2014

        even satan knows that to be true as do other cult members… .


      • spookchristian
        February 3, 2014

        lectio divina,, is dominican…
        you are a roman catholic mister.. you rally need to get saved, leve that whore of babylon,


      • spookchristian
        February 3, 2014


  13. timloyal
    December 31, 2013

    Reblogged this on Psalm 46 Church.


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