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Karen Hudes – Former World Bank Lawyer Exposes Systemic Corruption !! The Jesuits. :: Corruption in the World Bank. ::

Published on 27 Nov 2013

Part I – September 20, 2013

In part 1/3, I sit down to discuss the state of our fiscal dis-order with former world bank lawyer turned planetary-level whistleblower Karen Hudes. She shares her insights on the global financial situation, where we are in the fight to regain control of our monetary system, and some of the more pivotal experiences throughout her career.

Karen’s keystone disclosure, which inevitably lead to her illegal firing from the World Bank, was a stakeholder analysis produced by a political scientist in the world bank that used an advanced game-theory model to predict what would happen if the United States continued to rig markets & rely on fraudulent accounting. The results of the analysis, which Karen claims is approximately 95% accurate, stated the United States would lose the 66 year old gentleman’s agreement stipulating the United States can appoint the president of the World Bank. 

Karen blew the whistle on this discovery in 2007, before the 2008 financial crisis & in 2010 the aforementioned gentleman’s agreement ended.

Disclosing this analysis seemed to act as a portal for Karen, where the layers of corruption subsequently revealed themselves to her & she then found herself somewhat as a beacon of light amidst a systemically dark & corrupt financial order.

Listen closely as Karen paints the picture of “where we are” as we must understand this before we can pull ourselves out of the mess we are now in.

For more info on Karen Hudes & her work:

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    Federal reserve, refuses to give Germany their gold back.


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