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Chicago: Teacher fired from a Catholic “Franciscan” High School for Reporting Sex Abuse [Alert!] :: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2013


Chicago: Teacher fired from a Catholic “Franciscan” High School for Reporting Sex Abuse [Alert!]

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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS (USA) – A teacher fired from Hales Franciscan high school on the south side is  suing the school to get her job back.
Rochelle Daniels claims she was let go because she was a whistleblower involving an alleged sexual assault at the school.
Daniels was an English teacher and says she was fired 16 days after contacting the Dept of Children and Family Services about the alleged assault by two male students at the school which went co-ed this year.
Daniels said the administrators told her they were handling the allegations internally and that she should have talked to them before making the call.
State law says school must report abuse allegations to DCFS immediately.
The alleged assault occurred in October.
School president Jeffrey Gray acknowledged to the Chicago Tribune in November he never contacted the agency choosing instead to work with students and parents to resolve the matter.

WARNING: Since 1992 Hales has been financially independent as a not-for-profit school owned and directed by a lay board of trustees and three priests from the Catholic Franciscan Order.


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